What HigherEd Metrics® Does for Institutional Clients     

           HigherEd  Metrics® provides institutional leadership with a 360° view of two institutional perspectives:  students and financial and operational performance.


The HigherEd Metrics® Platform automates decision-making across the school’s functional areas. The technology has been approved for deployment from some of the most rigorous client security protocols in the Higher Education industry. HigherEd  Metrics® is delivering quality decision-making information, faster,  than our competitors in the following ways:

  1.   Increasing the speed of completion of daily tasks and processes
  2.   Implementing cost-saving process automation 
  3.   Improving the quality and accuracy of work output 
  4.   Reducing labor costs and expenses and redeploying resources to other project areas
  5.   Using institutional information for making better,  more-informed decisions with a  75% increase in delivery speed. 

HigherEd Metrics® is a platform, configured to specifically support the needs of higher education institutions with institutional intelligence and data analytics that can maximize student admissions, enrollment, retention and graduation processes.  Our tools, assessments, analytics and process automation to institutional leadership.  We work with CFOs, registrars, bursars, directors of finance, and student financial services professionals to find and implement cost-effective and efficient solutions to common and unique institutional challenges. The application integrates quickly with data from any source, and dashboards and reports generate instantly with no additional reporting system requirements.

Ultimately, HigherEd Metrics’® objectives are to assist our institutional customers, and help them meet their own goals and objectives:

  1. Improve student retention
  2. Increase student receivables and lower risk reserves
  3. Increase student financial literacy
  4. Increase graduation rates

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