HigherEd Metrics®
Applied Analytics|Innovative Technology

HigherEd Metrics® (HEM) offers a variety of solution levels:

  • Full Platform – complete with multi-source data, fully-integrated cloud database, and unlimited free data storage
  • Modules
  • Functional Applications
  • Dynamic Analytics and Reporting
  • Online Surveys, Campaigns, Digital Marketing
  • Predictive Models
  • Self-Service Reporting
  • Digital Document Storage and Retrieval

Among our signature solutions is aggregating institutional internal and third-party data into an integrated database for analysis, reporting, and decision-making.  This secure, private cloud data repository enables a 360-degree view of Students from a cross-functional and status perspective.

With over 50 years of HigherEd process experience as well as expertise in Student Financial Services, Recruiting through Enrollment, Email and Communication Campaigns, Academic Advising, AR Reserve Management, Loss Mitigation and Collections, Compliance Management, CRM, Project Management, Security, Privacy, Course of Study, and Retention.

HigherEd Metrics® is reshaping how analytics is employed within and across institutions, regardless of the institution’s IT  capabilities or internal technology status. Collaboration among departmental teams and projects comes to life with reports based on the integration of data from multiple institutional sources.  And, when reporting is delivered dynamically and is current, busy season processing status and Senior Leadership graphical and tabular reports are pre-programmed, immediately available, and actionable.

Most Higher Education tracking or servicing systems capture data but have little capability to perform analysis of performance trends or enable workflow automation that leads to performance improvement. Whether your institution is currently using a legacy system or searching for a new platform, HigherEd Metrics® will add considerable value. HEM® integrates with systems like Banner, Salesforce, and PeopleSoft. Through HigherEd Metrics®, information from your school’s multiple data sources is a click away. Education industry best practice reports are pre-programmed and can be customized on request.

Data and Analytics Deployment and Delivery Methods

1. Data is securely connected and  transferred through HEM’s API or Secure ShareFile

2. Full Platform (HEM integrates data sources into our  platform)
Modules (e.g. Application Module, Enrollment Module, SFS Module) receive data and “Bolt on” to the existing institutional system and are available 24×7

3. Predictive Models and Reports (Receive data from the institutional system)
All information is delivered through the school’s HEM Dashboard
Each client receives a Dashboard/portal for access with roles and permissions determined by the university
Dynamic analytics, automated reports library, assessments, surveys are all accessible from the Dashboard
Additional Integrations Included are: Tableau, Microsoft Office, Dropbox, Microsoft BI and other systems

4. Functional area Modules include:

Recruiting | Admissions |Financial Aid Packaging | Enrollment Management
Academic Advising | Communications | Student Financial Services | Retention and Graduation

5.  In addition to the functional area applications, we have developed statistical, predictive models and training programs to address specific challenges:

  • Good Fit Models (Academic, Cultural, and Financial)
  • Student Unmet Need Model
  • Financial Literacy Training
  • Retention Model
  • School Lending Processes
  • Internal Collections Performance Model
  • Vendor Management and Institutional Compliance
  • Student Loan Default Prevention
  • Campaign emails, processing results, and time-based impactThese risk models are proprietary to Mined Systems and performed using Machine Learning and Ai (artificial intelligence) to predict outcomes and recommend action steps to improve performance early in the academic cycle and reduce losses for the institution. These models can be added to your platform.

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