Student Financial Services

HigherEd Metrics® provides key financial metrics to the university bursar, directors of finance, and student financial services professionals. Our team of engineers and analytics experts automates your institution’s financial metrics to provide year over year analysis of financial aid awards, student payments, third-party vendor payments and performance information.

By automating these tasks, staff members can focus their valuable time on other responsibilities.  Process automation saves time and money that can be allocated to other important financial projects.

Key objectives are:

  • Improving student retention
  • Increasing student receivables and lowering risk reserves
  • Increasing student financial literacy
  • Increasing graduation rates

Higher Education Metrics® helps institutions in the following ways:

  • Provides cost-saving automation of manual processes 
  • Uses benchmarking data to identify and understand problem areas
  • Quantifies accounts and student service levels for improved retention
  • Provides predictive analytics and forecasting of graduation rates

HigherEd Metrics® integrates data easily from any source. Dynamic reports generate instantly with no additional reporting systems or other  requirements.