Data  Integration and Technology

HigherEd Metrics® has multiple solutions for simplifying and bringing an institution’s internal and third-party data into an integrated database for analysis, reporting, and decision-making. 
Is your institutional team asking for analytics? HigherEdMetrics® is reshaping how analytics happens across institutions, regardless of an institution’s IT capabilities. Collaboration among departmental teams and interdepartmental projects can come to life with reports based on the integration of data from multiple institutional sources.  And, when reporting is delivered dynamically and is current, information is actionable.
Whether your institution is using a legacy system or searching for a new platform, we can add value.  HigherEd Metrics® integrates with systems like Banner,, or PeopleSoft. Through HigherEd Metrics®, technology, assessments, self-service reports, and analytics are a click away. 
Data and Analytics Deployment and Delivery Methods:
  • Bolt on to the existing institutional system
  • Integrate data from multiple departments into one database
  • Dynamic analytics and reports library
  • Assessment library and portal
  • Organizational portal with roles and permissions

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