High School Recruiting

We understand the challenges that institutions face to attract, recruit and enroll new students each year.  As information shows, for many reasons, including declining numbers, it is more and more difficult to complete a class, HigherEd Metrics’® models indicate that it’s finding the right concentrations of students that make a class.

At HigherEd Metrics® we’ve got tools that can automate the search and help schools identify new methods and perspectives for successful recruiting strategies for both high school students and transfer students. HigherEd Metrics® has process automation for many of the tasks that institutions perform during the recruiting process that reduce expense and multiple resources.

New tools and methods developed by our engineers can help you unlock new sources for students and HigherEd Metrics can implement campaigns that can increase demand for your institution and assist with identifying students that want to apply.  With online tools and new information, schools can review aggregated information on programs students want and widen markets for attracting new students that have common interests and are more likely to apply.