The enrollment area is comprised of professionals that manage a multitude of student services.  For a student, this is the administrative team that makes everything work so the student can enroll in classes and eventually earn their degree. But from the perspective of the enrollment or registrar’s office,  it can be difficult being the center of the student’s world. There are numerous task to perform and data to capture from different sources. Together, the multi-faceted processes can become time-consuming and arduous.

HigherEd Metrics® can help your institution’s enrollment department or “one-stop shop”  and transform it into a self-service center for students.  The result is a well organized and easy to access service center that is available to students both in-person and online.  Not all processes can be automated, and individual tasks may require students to be present, however, removing human intervention where possible is a way to cut expenses and reallocate staffing resources.

With process automation and online tools, it becomes simple for the enrollment professionals to respond to questions about paying bills, registering for classes, obtaining parking permits, gaining library access, using a GI Bill, and information for new, transfer, and graduate students as well as for parents. The Office of the Registrar deals with all matters relating to a student’s academic record and is the keeper of student records long after the student graduates.

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