The Office of University Communications interacts with many academic departments on campus, discrete categories of the students, and the local and extended community.  They are also responsible for working with administrators and senior leadership on multiple missions within the academic year:

  1. Be a strategic partner to the offices and departments across campus.   
  2. Advance effective approaches to communicating messages to multiple constituents including students, faculty, staff, board members, parents, and alumni.
  3. Advance the university brand, so it associates with academic excellence, within the context of higher education
  4. Maintain communications across all constituents during the year to support the pace of upcoming events

But how effective are these communications?  Chances are your institution is already performing metrics to measure the effectiveness of communications.  It is obvious when the university has fabulous attendance at the annual graduation ceremony, but our information shows that messages for key deadlines that go out to students are more challenging. 

To assist our clients, our engineers developed a Communications Automation module that sends routine or specific institutional announcements in multiple contact areas to reinforce important information. To do this, we’ve created announcement tools as a means of reminding students to enroll, submit a form, register to attend a graduation preparation session, or add or drop a course. These HigherEd Metrics® tools are simple to use, save time and resources, and help encourage better communications and participation results across the university.