College Admissions

We understand the challenges that institutions face to attract and enroll students year after year. Recent studies indicate that it is getting harder for colleges and universities to compete for students.  At HigherEd Metrics® we provide tools that automate the search and help schools identify methods for growth that is sustainable into the future.

HigherEd Metrics® can also automate many of the tasks that institutions perform which saves schools time and resources.  That’s efficiency, spending less to get more.

During the academic year, HigherEd Metrics® will help your institution assemble the candidate and student data necessary to perfect and repeat the process so that subsequent admissions cycles are more streamlined, less stressful, and more successful.  

In addition to adding greater efficiency, the tools and models will assist your institution in identifying students that are eligible and more likely to enroll. Once students are engaged, we provide simple tools to utilize our assessments and other diagnostics to make sure there is a good fit academically, culturally and financially.  Improve the admissions and enrollment process to build the best class to meet your institution’s enrollment objectives. 


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