Academic Advising

It is fair to think that all students arrive at a college or university with dreams of their successful future ahead of them. But educators know that students have different personalities, different ways of meeting new friends, different study methods, and different ways of coping with the stress and complexity associated with each step in a new environment.  If there is one thing students all have in common, it is their uniqueness.

Professional academic advisors are multi-talented individuals with a common objective of assisting students in achieving their academic goals.  Advisors partner with faculty and staff across institutional departments to help students engage in thoughtful educational planning and goal setting. They are a significant resource for guiding students through the sequence of challenges they meet when they arrive on campus and navigate through to graduation.

With so many students, all of them unique, HigherEd Metrics®  sets the stage for advisors to learn about their students quickly.  Our Advisor tools assist in preparing for a course planning session or helping a student through a difficult time. Advisors have the confidential information they need to guide students through decision-making processes which include academics, student lifestyle, and cultural characteristics to “match” students for a good fit. 

HigherEd Metrics® offers online tools, surveys, and learning management to assist advisors. A sample list of offerings is shown below:

  • Student Satisfaction Surveys
  • Student Overview
  • Good Fit Assessment
  • Financial Literacy LMS
  • Career Goals Assessment