About HigherEd Metrics®

HigherEd Metrics® assists institutions by providing greater information on student accounts and trends so administrators and senior leadership can make better decisions. HigherEd Metrics® focuses on the business offices within a college or university including recruiting, admissions, enrollment, financial aid, student financial services, and retention.

Within these departments, HigherEd Metrics® connects school offices to our tools to review the analytics of student payments, payment plans, in-house collections, student account campaigns, and student account reserves. The company’s proprietary software, analytics, reporting, data visualization, and predictive modeling facilitate a deeper understanding of account statuses at multiple levels so leaders can make better decisions take actions where necessary.

HigherEd Metrics® assist in charting the best path and measures performance results. The company delivers its products in  one of three methods:

  1.    As a  fully-configured cloud-based platform, 
  2.    As a plug-in that increases capabilities and investments in existing systems,
  3.    Through delivered analytics, surveys, assessments, or research studies.  

In the area of higher education, we consult with senior leadership to identify strategies to collect data, perform analysis, and deliver business information for decisions quickly and accurately. With greater than 50 years of higher education, compliance, and data analytics experience, we understand the challenges of making college affordable for students and have developed proprietary methods that focus on helping those students that require assistance in advance, rather than at the end of a school term when re-enrollment is in jeopardy.

The company’s deep expertise in institutional processes and workflows is instrumental to identify solutions that will save time, resources, and money. In the challenging fiscal environment that institutions must navigate,  HigherEd  Metrics®  provides competitive pricing, excellent performance results, and increased efficiency that can make a substantial financial difference for colleges and universities. 

With a first-hand understanding of operational processes and risk management,  we have developed applications and technology-assisted tools for institutions that save money,  automate processes and improve the quality of information and accessibility for decision-makers. Our clients work more efficiently, save money, and are providing excellent services for the students they serve. 

In Higher Education, we provide clients with cost-effective solutions.  Some examples of product offerings are listed below:

  • Data and research, surveys, and assessment tools
  • Cohort class analysis and  performance reporting
  • Enrollment management
  • Billing and management of student accounts
  • Accounts receivable workflow management 
  • Student accounts billing and enablement
  • Student CRM and contact management
  • Student loan and reserve portfolio management, and
  • Institutional compliance  and policies and procedures

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